Storks of Marrakech

The whole town is characterized by storks. We flew there from Germany in February and in the middle of the city the native storks were waiting for us – always, wether it is sommer or winter. They belong to the cityscape. They are staying in Morocco the whole year round.

Vorbereitung auf einer Marokkanischen Hochzeit

Unsere Reise nach Marokko haben wir nach der Hochzeit einer Bekannten gerichtet. Das ist uns eine große Freude, eingeladen zu sein. Eine ganz besondere Sache, in der Hauptstadt, in Rabat eine traditionelle Hochzeit erleben zu dürfen. Hier kamen aber die zwei große Fragen an: was sollen wir schenken, und das wichtigste, was werde ich anziehen???? […]

Slice of Moroccan Nature – Atlantic Coast

                Miles of glorious sands, peppered with small fishing villages, historic ports and fortified towns, weave along the blustery coastline. Outside the towns, farmland rolls gently down to the sea and wetland reserves showcase rich birdlife. The region displays numerous cities such as Essaouira and El Jadida, fishing ports both, with whitewashed medinas. There’s […]

Slice of Moroccan Nature – Sidi Kaouki

If Sidi Kaouki is known to outsiders at all, it’s for its near-perfect conditions – together with Essaouira and nearby Cap Sim – for board and kite surfing (which, by the way, is a clue to the climate here: warm and windy year-round). But watersports aside, this village ninety-three miles north of Agadir and 17 […]

Slice of Moroccan Nature – Erg Chebbi and its golden sand

                   Moroccan legend says that the Erg Chebbi sand dunes were sent by God as a punishment for turning away a weary traveler from Morocco’s Sahara desert. Moroccans believe that the dunes piled up outside Merzouga to teach them a lesson so that they would never refuse to help tired travelers ever again. The Erg […]

Slice of Moroccan Nature – Djebel Saghro

                  The Djebel Saghro (highest point 2,712 m) is a starkly beautiful region of Sahara broadly lying between the Draa and Dades Valleys. Walking in Djebel Saghro means winter warmth, light, shapes and colors, highlands with amazing rock formations and basalt peaks, deep canyons and oases lowercase valleys surprisingly hidden in vast green spaces […]

Slice of Moroccan Nature – Draa Valley

               The beauty of the Draa Valley is not its only geographical richness home to Berber villages, sumptuous Kasbahs, streaming sand dunes, lush green plains, snow-capped Atlas Mountains, endless stretches of palm trees and the Draa, Morocco’s largest river. The valley has thousands of years of history, evidenced by the ancient cave paintings and […]

Slice of Moroccan Nature – Valley of Roses

                        Starting from Kelaat M’Gouna and crossing the M’Goun valley northwards, you will arrive in this magical valley of the rose. In May, you may participate in the rose festival, the epicentre of which is in Kelaat M’Gouna. The atmosphere is festive with a programme of dancing and concerts. Throughout the year, you can visit […]

Slice of Moroccan Nature – Valley of Almonds / Tafraoute

            Tafraoute is well known for its Almond Blossom festival in February with the peak of the blossoming of thousands of almond trees around the area. Berber music and dance are performed live each night along with delicious Berber foods. The red-granite mountains that surround Tafraoute are not a walk in the park, so […]