Slice of Moroccan Nature – Dadès Valley / Route of Thousand Kasbahs

{:en}Riad Heklek{:}

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Stretching northeast from Ouarzazate, the Dadès Valley is at times harsh and desolate, but there is a bleak beauty on the plain between the parallel ranges of the High Atlas and the Jebel Saghro. Known as ‘The Valley of One Thousand Kasbahs’, it is the most prominent of the oasis valleys that dominate southern Morocco. Originating from melt water high up in the snowfields of the Haute Atlas, the river Dadès cuts a steep gorge, known as the Dadès Gorge, at Aït Oudinar and Aït Ali. From here, it flows across the broad Dadès Valley in a south-westerly direction towards Quarzazate.

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