Slice of Moroccan Nature – Draa Valley

{:en}Riad Heklek{:}

Draa4              Draa3

The beauty of the Draa Valley is not its only geographical richness home to Berber villages, sumptuous Kasbahs, streaming sand dunes, lush green plains, snow-capped Atlas Mountains, endless stretches of palm trees and the Draa, Morocco’s largest river. The valley has thousands of years of history, evidenced by the ancient cave paintings and carvings found in the area. It was in the Draa Valley where archeologists found the statuette of Venus of Tan-Tan, one of the oldest prehistoric sculptures ever discovered. Moreover, the Draa Valley was once an important transit point on the trans-Saharan caravan trading routes, as well as an important trading center for Jewish, Arab, Berber and Christian civilizations.

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