Slice of Moroccan Nature – Djebel Saghro
{:en}Riad Heklek{:}

Saghro                 Saghro2

The Djebel Saghro (highest point 2,712 m) is a starkly beautiful region of Sahara broadly lying between the Draa and Dades Valleys. Walking in Djebel Saghro means winter warmth, light, shapes and colors, highlands with amazing rock formations and basalt peaks, deep canyons and oases lowercase valleys surprisingly hidden in vast green spaces lunar landscape of barren mountains – resembling the US Southwest. This range also forms a bridge between Draa and Dades Valleys. In winter, it is the kingdom of nomads of Ait Atta that find refuge there.  Jackal, fox, wolf, toads, frogs, wild sheep, gazelle, vulture, Buzzard and the rare Bonelli-eagle survive here. Trees include date palms, acacia, tamarisk and Oleander.

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