Storks of Marrakech
{:en}Riad Heklek{:}

The whole town is characterized by storks. We flew there from Germany in February and in the middle of the city the native storks were waiting for us – always, wether it is sommer or winter. They belong to the cityscape. They are staying in Morocco the whole year round.

They nest on the wall of the El Badi Palace…..

… on the towers of Bab Agnaou….

… and in our immediate neighborhood in front of the entrance of the famous Saadi tombs.

Follow this road (and look at the other side of the nest, see next photo) and reach Riad Heklek in less than 2 minutes.

Slowly, the birds which are at home here during the warm season and flying south for winter are heading back to Europe. They usually reach Hungary in mid-March. Always when my mother celebrates birthday.

For us, the beautiful and cute storks symbolize most of all the comfort. Wherever they make their nest, it is undisturbed, beautifully sunny and warm. They stay in Europe only in the warm season and nest on the chimneys of the houses or on the streetlights in the European cities.

That is why we call our riad Stork. HEKLEK is the ancient arabic word for it. We offer this undisturbed comfort to our guests.


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